Gerry Daniel - Owner, L & R Electrical Services

Gerry is a North County San Diego native who currently resides in San Marcos, CA.  Gerry has a true passion for electrical with special interest and certifications in preventative maintenance.  

8 years ago, Gerry started working at an electrical company in San Diego.  After completing his four year training, he received his electrical journeyman license.   Up for a new challenge, he opted to work with the Time Warner Cable aspect of his company.  Through his work with Time Warner Cable, Gerry honed in on his electrical skills and received extra certifications in Ultrasound and Thermography.  With these extra certifications, Gerry is able to analyze panels and electrical systems to make sure they are properly maintained.  Now, he's on to his latest venture, L & R Electrical Services.     

Gerry is a family man who has been married for 5 years with two young daughters.  He loves spending time with his family, exploring San Diego, and traveling.